If you want to connect the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 a HDTV using a HDMI cable, you need a 11 pin MHL adapter for the Galaxy Note 2.  It is the same cable that is made for the Galaxy S3, but not the same cable that is for the Galaxy S2, S, or the original Note (I).  I review the adapter and go over a few things you should be aware of before buying and when using the MHL cable for the Galaxy Note 2.  I got it to work on 1080i at 60Hz.  I hear it works on 1080p but maybe at slower FPS.  Further investigation required.

Also, the whole reason why Samsung moved from 5 pin to 11 pin was so you can use HDTV out and also use your USB devices.  Unfortunately, this cable is not for that.  Samsung has a Smart Dock for the Galaxy Note 2 that has this functionality.  Unfortunately it wasn't available in Korea at the time of this review.  I'll do another review when that dock becomes available.

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