The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 has a cool lock screen effect called "Ink Effect" if you have swipe (maybe others too) lockscreen enabled.  It really looks like ink flowing out onto a pool of water.  You may already have this on 4.1.1, but some people may have to wait until 4.1.2.  I have the lockscreen, but no options to change color on my 4.1.1 Android OS.  Also, if you need to quickly access the one handed keyboard, if you have the Samsung Keyboard selected, you can just do a pinch zoom on the keys themselves to enable and disable the one handed keyboard.  Last, if you want to change Fahrenheit to Celsius or Fahrenheit to Celsius, you have to do it in 2 places and they are a bit tricky to find.  You need to change them on the weather widget, and inside the Google Now cards.  Watch video for more information.

Disclaimer: Galaxy Note 2 Tips & Tricks is a fan inspired video series and has no affiliations with the Samsung Group.

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