The video files that come off the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 are pretty enormous.  I'm sure we've all tried to send large video files over email and got the notification that the file exceeds the 10-25MB limit.  By video standards, that size is very small, and there are better and more convenient ways to share videos by using services like DropBox and YouTube.

If you own a Samsung Galaxy Note 2, you should be entitled to a 2 year free 50GB DropBox account.  The DropBox app should already be pre-installed.  If it is not, just download it in the Google Play store.  After you open the app, sign up/sign in, and enable Camera Uploads on DropBox.  This way, when you get home, all your photos and videos that you've shot on your Galaxy Note 2 are uploaded to the DropBox server automatically over wifi.  And if you have DropBox software intalled on your PC, it will arrive on your PC as well without you having to tether your phone to your computer.  After giving it some to do this automatically, just go to the Camera Uploads folder on your phone, and select "Share" and it should create an email with the link to the file that can be downloaded.

The second, but equally great method is to upload the video on YouTube (do this over a wifi connection if the video is large) and because everyone knows what to do with a YouTube link, it should be a great way to share videos.  Also, it will save them from having to download the file before they watch it.

Disclaimer: Galaxy Note 2 Tips & Tricks is a fan inspired video series and has no affiliations with the Samsung Group.

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