The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 has an amazing tool for taking down a Note, called S Note, but it lacks the features to manage these note files.  The syncing with Evernote and Google Docs is more of a backup service, and the syncing feature is pretty much incomplete/broken unless Google Docs and Evernote learn how to open SNB files.  Currently, there is no app or software that knows how to read SNB files other than these S Note type apps on the Galaxy Note devices.  I offer some additional insights on what to expect after having used S Note for a while such as slow opening of files, the inability to combine files, and the lackluster preview of the files.

Also by popular demand, people wanted to see Evernote in action with the S Pen.  And sorry to say, it does not work well at the current moment with the version of Skitch out in the market right now.  But there are workarounds.  The current version was not made for phones with styli in mind.  And it is unusable with the S Note.  Not sure when you are watching this, but this video was shot at 11/21/2012.  If you are watching this video much later, try a latest version of Skitch in Google Play first.  If you are having problems writing and dotting your i's, then download this older version:

Skitch v1.4.45: http://www.androiddrawer.com/3524/download-skitch-1-4-45-app-apk/
Please download and install this file at your own discretion, always run a virus check on files from unknown locations.

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