You can transfer files from your Samsung Galaxy Note 2 wirelessly to your computer by running a small FTP server app called SwiFTP.  Install it.  Set a username, and a password.  Then start the app and server whenever you want to transfer files wirelessly.

On your computer, you need to install a program called FileZilla (also free).  Create a profile in Site Manager for your Samsung Galaxy Note II.  The Hostname is the IP address of your Galaxy Note 2 (this is indicated on the SwiFTP app on your Android, it is usually something like 192.168.#.#).  If you didn't change your port number, it should be 2121.  You also need to change the user from Anonymous to Normal.  Then type in your username and password you created.  After you are done click connect.

Disclaimer: Galaxy Note 2 Tips & Tricks is a fan inspired video series and has no affiliations with the Samsung Group.

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