I wanted to improve on the episode I did yesterday by enabling a true hands free access to Google Now with a 3rd party app. It is not without faults, but I also show you how to get around most limitations.

I've tried many configurations, and I believe my recommendations of how you should configure 3 taps to access Google Now and 4 taps to turn the screen off and Lock are the best ways to go. I also disable the annoying sound that is enabled with the app, so make sure you do that too, except when you lock the screen because you want that confirmation.

Headset Button Controller Trial (Free Trial, $3 if you want the paid version):

Screen Off and Lock (Free): https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.katecca.screenofflock&h...

Disclaimer: Galaxy Note 2 Tips & Tricks is a fan inspired video series and has no affiliations with the Samsung Group.

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