You can use the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 as a PC (computer), straight out of the box, no additional apps or hacks required.  But you do need the right cables.  A list of things you need is at the bottom of the description.

I connect a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse to a Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and then I connect a 11-pin MHL HDMI HDTV adapter.  With the split-screen multitasking capabilities of the Samsung Galaxy Note 2, it outshines all smartphones, and even most tablets in this regard, but it is not without many flaws.

There isn't a menu button on a standard mouse, when playing hardware accelerated video there doesn't seem to be an option to not only output video on the TV monitor, the Samsung keyboard is required to be enabled when using a Bluetooth keyboard, so it pops up whenever you click with the cursor.

Using a smartphone as a PC computer is an ability that is many years in the making.  With all those minor to major annoyances, it is still near flawless at it's most essential task, which is web browsing,  Flash works 95% too.  The web browsing experience is leaps and bounds any web browser on any smartphone.  You can definitely quote me on that.  Spent about $80 on accessories to put this video together.  Hope you appreciate it!

Required:  Samsung Galaxy Note II, 11-pin MHL HDMI HDTV Adapter, Bluetooth keyboard, Bluetooth mouse, power adapter for your Galaxy Note 2, HDMI cable.

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