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More Updated Features, Optimizations, Bug Fixes for Samsung Galaxy Note 2
1. Brightness control notification disappears at 5% (or lower) battery.
2. HDR shooting mode for camera, has save only HDR picture option.
3. Write notes to front of the picture with polaroid type frame.
4. Video Player app's alphabetization is fixed.
5. Screen capture icon for Video Player app is optimized.
6. Multi Window with Video Player adds sharpening to entire screen.
7. Bug fixed when full screening Video Player from multi window (no more notification bar).
8. S Planner has new post-it option.
9. Groupcast
10. Vibration and pop noises when Email is hovered with S Pen.
11. Handwriting recognition bug fix where it used to only first take in a few strokes interpret only the first few letters, then resume, but it would mess you up in the process.
12. Click on the picture of your contact, in Contacts app, and it is integrated with services such as facebook, skype, maps, etc.

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