Android 4.1.2 New Features for Samsung Galaxy Note 2
1. Camera feature: Hold Volume to focus, release to take photo
2. Video feature: Press Volume to start recording, press again to toggle flash.
3. 480p Flash Video Works (if you have latest Flash Player Installed)
4. New Samsung Keyboard Feature: Cursor Control, Continuous Input (If you didn't already have it)
5. Customized Notification Toggle Icons
6. New Notification Toggles: AllShare Cast, Smart Stay, S Bean, Driving Mode, Blocking Mode
7. Brightness slider can now be disabled, but who would do this?  :)
8. Browser rendering improvements (3 examples, please confirm with 4.1.1)
9. Ink Effect with S Pen on Swipe lockscreen, and customizable ink colors.
10. Some devices may experience maximum brightness boost (Up to 400% from previous level)

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  1. with regard to Cursor control,

    On typing your new message,
    when you want to move to the mistyped character,
    so far you have to exactly touch where you want to revise.
    However, if you use cursor control function,
    you can move your cursor according to your touch on the Samsung keyboard.

    Hope you to understand the cursor control.