Did you know that most Samsung Galaxy Note 2's come with pins for a wireless charging system?  The problem is, Samsung hasn't introduced one yet.  But the fact that the pins exist tells us it may be in development and we may see an official wireless charging system for the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 in the future.  There are some 3rd party solutions, but there are some reports that the batter cover does not fit perfectly, and I haven't seen any official reviews.  These pins also seem to exist as well for the Galaxy S3.

The second topic I cover is that while the S Pen is an amazing precision device, it does have a blind spot in the bottom right corner.  A way you can see it is to install an app called Sketch Book and Draw Pad in the Google Play store.  After you're done finding your blind spots (only the right hand corner for me), play with the app.  It is pretty amazing.

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