USB Tether: Fastest, most secure, most reliable, but limited to one computer.
Wi-Fi Tether: Most convenient, up to 5 devices can share, drains power.
BT Tether: Slowest, but may be because my BT adapter on my laptop is outdated.  Use when no other option is available.

This is a continuation of a 4 part video series about features you may see in Samsung Galaxy Note 2 models from different carriers and different countries.
Episode 3: Locked Home Screen Icons, Wireless Charging Pins, TV Antenna & Recording.
Episode 4: Dialer differences (video calling, call recording, phone icon next to contact), rare white spare battery charging system, re-sizable popup note.
Episode 5 (last episode): How some carriers have locked multi window, disable camera shutter sound, Where to buy replacement Samsung earphones.
Episode 6 (this episode): Wifi/USB/BT Tethering and how well it works.

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