I was reluctant to try AllShare Play because I've been using a reliable DLNA client, and that met all my needs for streaming at home.  Streaming away from home, after years of trying, I finally gave up on that dream.  But lo and behold, a solution presented itself.  It is nothing more than the all new rebranded AllShare Play app that is included with the Samsung Galaxy Note 2.  It is so simple, perfect, and without compromise.  .  It may be one of my favorite features to date.

No need to fiddle with your firewall, just install it, log in, and it works.  A recommendation is that you disable "mobile optimization" in video quality settings if you want to play the video files without having to lose quality or recompress it.  I forgot to mention it in this video, but you should be able to do this the other way around.  Stream files off your Galaxy Note 2 to your PC.

Another BIG surprise is that you can link your DropBox on here.  And sure, DropBox app natively lets you stream videos, but it was at reduced quality, and limited to 15 minutes.  Now you can stream the entire video, and at the original quality, and you can stream longer than 15 minutes.

Some things to take note of.  This feature will eat up LTE data like no one else's business if you like watching 720 video, or more bit heavy compression like xvid or divx (avi files).  You should have at least 3 MBits/sec up for 480p files, and 8-10MBits/sec upstream for 720p streaming.  If you got it, it really works amazing.

Only catch is though carriers and your ISPs do like to throttle, but maybe the market has changed and carriers want you to use more data.

Disclaimer: Galaxy Note 2 Tips & Tricks is a fan inspired video series and has no affiliations with the Samsung Group.

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