Few things I forgot to mention.  Quick glance does not work in low light, or dark environments.  It also keeps the proximity sensor alive, but knowing this is how Samsung thinks how you should use it, I doubt a battery drain is an issue, but there will be some.

Quick glance is an interesting way to see if you have any missed calls and text messages.  It is also a good way to check time, see your battery percentage, and see what's playing on the Samsung Galaxy Note 2.  The music player however is locked to one music player which is the default music player app.

I also like Smart Alert because it notifies me when I forget to check if I have missed phone calls or texts.  I also tested to see if opening and close the flap would accidentally trigger it, and it seemed robust with virtually no false triggers.  It reminds me of a nice feature in BlackBerry.  Just in case you forget to check, it notifies you.  How brilliant is that?

Disclaimer: Galaxy Note 2 Tips & Tricks is a fan inspired video series and has no affiliations with the Samsung Group.

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