Speech-To-Text Dictation Reference for Android 4.1, Google Now, Google Voice Search

Question mark
Exclamation point
Exclamation mark
Smiley face
Sad face
Frowny face
New line
New paragraph

one half (1/2)
one third (doesn't work)
one forth (1/4)
one fifth (doesn't work)
one sixth (1/6)

Symbols for Math, Only When Used in Context
one slash two (1 / 2)
five times five (5 * 5)
three point one (3.1)
three dot one (3.1)
five plus one (5 + 1)
five minus one (5 - 1)

It is pretty limited.  I did try things like semi colon, open parenthesis, double quote.  They do not seem to work yet.  If you find more to add to this list, just message me on YouTube and I'll add to this list.

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