Trimming a video is always a cumbersome task on a PC but the Galaxy Note 2 does it with such finesse, this is a great feature for sharing video because often, a video that you've shot with your Samsung Galaxy Note 2, whether it be a video of a family gathering, cats playing, or a slow motion action shot, contains footage only in the middle of the video that you would like to share.  The solution is to trim the video, and that feature exists right inside the standard Video Player.  Just play the video, hit menu, and select trim.  Move 2 sliders, and it is simple.  The resulting video is stored in /sdcard0/Output folder.  The file is saved in 3gp format, which most video players support (VLC player recommended on your PC), but if you would like to save it in mp4, you can try an app called VidTrim.  Another benefit of VidTrim is that it does seem to support more codecs such as divx and xvid, while the standard Video Player only supports MP4 video shot with a smartphone, such as your Galaxy Note 2.

I also want to announce that this channel has reached 10,000 subscribers.  It was a Christmas wish of mine since the beginning of December when I only had 4000 subscribers.  Anyone running a YouTube channel for a long time would have doubted that as wishful thinking.  Instead, it pushed me to innovate on ideas and keep working hard so it could be possible.  Thank you for the amazing journey.  My next year Christmas wish is 100,000 subscribers.

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