In the past, taking group photos involved you setting a timer, then you would run to your spot, and hopefully people would all remember to keep their eyes open.  And if the stars aligned, people can agree on one photo.  Well, that was then, and these problems may long be an issue for the Samsung Galaxy Note 2.  Just choose Best Face and take photos using voice.  Get everyone to say Cheese, and assemble the best photo by mixing and matching expressions when people look their best.  We are really living in the future with the Samsung Galaxy Note 2.

If you want to spend a little bit of money, you should look into tripod mounts (or smartphone grip) for the Samsung Galaxy Note 2.  Just look on ebay, and you should be able to find something around $10.  You can also put the Samsung Galaxy Note II on a tripod, and take it to the driving range, and shoot yourself in slow motion while you take a swing to improve your golf swing.

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