Welcome to the first episode of Galaxy Note 2 What You May Not Know!  In this series we'll find together and discuss things that you may not know about the Samsung Galaxy Note II.  Did you know that on the Korean Samsung Galaxy Note 2 website, Stereoscopic Photography is listed in one of the features of the Samsung Galaxy Note 2?  I refuse to believe that the information is an error because Samsung is very good about the what is said on their website, and it being the second bullet point, they should have caught it by now if it's an error.  So where is it?

Also, I go over this feature that is only seen when you do a burst shot and go to gallery called "Play Burst Shot".  You can shoot pictures in full 8MP and do this feature, so there may be something to this with the right application.  Subscribe and look forward to upcoming episodes!

If you think you've discovered something that people may not know about, please share in the comments, or message me on my YouTube channel!

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  1. This video last for 4:30 minutes yet it takes this guy one minute to get to the point. Less babble more content

  2. Thank you for your constructive criticism. I'll try to add some more information in the beginning of the videos on the future so people may save themselves some time.