Additional tip: Practice the gestures after learning how it works.  In the short time it took me to research the topic, I feel that the gestures have become second nature, and I can benefit from the learned gestures from here on out.

The handwriting recognition on the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is nothing short of superb.  It supports a wide variety of languages, and even comes with gestures for correction and better writing.  It even recognizes cursive if that's how you like to write.  It had no problem recognizing my bad handwriting and even seemed to learn although I cannot fully confirm that.

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  1. Hi. I love what I see of the note 2 keyboard for handwriting. I have a note 4 and hate the standard handwriting app. I'm thinking of selling it and getting a note 2. If I buy a new note 2 will it be the same keyboard as you have shown or will it have been upgraded to something worse? 😀