Hopefully I wasn't the only one holding my S Pen wrong for longer than I should have.  Just in case I might have not been the only one, here are some tips on how to hold the S Pen better.  Once you do that, you notice that having that button accessible improve your S Pen-ing experience on the Samsung Galaxy Note 2.

I also go over Idea Sketch which is a feature on S Note.  When you search for pics, you only search within your local library.  You can add to your local library by downloading sketches you may use in the future from a server.  And you can also add your own personal sketches to your local library.  If you are a doodler, you should definately make the effort to doodle in idea sketch so that you can use that sketch later as a symbol (sketch object).

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  1. no problem for sketching using S pe. The biggggggggg problems are why everytime while writing password on the note 2 screen, the aksara will be repeating itself n as a result passwork cant be read