Thank you William H. for pointing out the app Nexus Media Importer in the Google Play store.  This is the only app that I know of that lets you connect a NTFS formatted partition to an unrooted Samsung Galaxy Note 2.  However, it is not perfect.  You cannot write to the NTFS partition.  You can only read from it.  But as far as reading goes, it does it really well.  It is able to play high bitrate video no problem.  Another problem with this app however is when you restart your Galaxy Note 2, it seems to detect some kind of external drive and want to connect to it.  You'll have to cancel out of this whenever your restart your phone.  And when you connect any kind of external drive to your note 2 using the USB OTG cable, you will have to cancel out of this process.  Depending on your need to connect to a NTFS drive and read from it, these 2 problems may be anywhere from minor to major.  Also, the app is not free.  It is $2.99.

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