Screen recorder was a function that was shown to us by Samsung, but unfortunately, it never made it on the Samsung Galaxy Note 2.  There have been apps you can install that let you do this if you were rooted/hacked, but now here is a way to enable screen recording (aka video capture) on you Galaxy Note 2.  The app is called ASC by BENZUL.  The sound recording doesn't work on my device, and it is a bit of a hassle to unlock every time I reboot the device, and it may not be for all applications such as recording high frame rates or video that has a lot of movement on the entire screen all the time, but I am happy to see that this app is a very solid performing app, and there is room for improvement.

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  1. I tried the trial version , i was able to record for 20secs but when i tried to record on youtube , it record every detail on the screen except the video . is that normal ?

  2. It used to work ok, but no longer works after 4.3 update. Wait for the Android 4.4 update and use the built-in recording function in the OS. It is perfect.