The Samsung Galaxy Smart Dock is an official accessory by Samsung for the Samsung Galaxy Note 2.  Because of it's 11 pin layout compatibility, it should also work with the Galaxy S3, but not previous models.  If the Samsung Galaxy S4 has a 11-pin micro USB compatible jack, then it should be compatible as well.

Just like the HDTV HDMI MHL 11 pin micro USB adapter, it needs to be powered with a 2 amp power adapter that your Note 2 came with.  But an extra one comes included.  The resolution is dependent on what your monitor supports, but by default it chooses the highest resolution.  When it defaults to 1080p, I think the smoothness of the refresh rate resembles something around 24fps  When it defaults to 1080i on the other hand, it is very smooth and looks to be around 60fps, but the image is not as crisp.  When it outputs video, it only grabs the video stream, thus it should be able to play video at an uncompromised frame rate.

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  2. Hi, just wanted to let people know that the Note 2 Smart Dock also works with the new Note 3. Please see the below video for details: