It has been a personal quest of mine to find the right device to take to the gym, do some mindless cardio, and get lost while catching up with my favorite TV shows and movies.  I've done it since I've owned an iPod Classic with color.  Then it was my PSP.  Then my iPhone.  Then my Android devices.  I must say, by far, the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 has been best device to do this with.  With that said, you must use a Bluetooth receiver or face the consequences.  While doing cardio at the gym, your arms are swinging, it is particularly dangerous when reaching for the Note 2 trying to do something on the screen.  That is when the arm tends to intersect with your earphone cable, and it will most certainly be disastrous.  Luckily, there are some cheap and very functional devices you can buy.  The one in this video cost me $15 on ebay.  Although I haven't met the perfect device yet, this new one I got gives me some control on my Note 2, and surprisingly good battery life.  But you still should charge regularly before you head out to the gym each time.  The audio is clear as well, but not perfect.  It does clip the very low frequencies, so don't expect to use these for high fidelity audio to get lost in your music outside the gym.

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