The Daily Note II's Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Predictions As of May 17, 2013:

5.87" (149mm) Screen
Full HD Super AMOLED
1080p (1920 x 1080 resolution)
Pentile Matrix
Hall Sensor + Air Gesture Sensor
Capacitive Menu & Back Buttons Works With S Pen
Air View Works With or Without S Pen
Gorilla Glass 3 + Bezel Raised For Better Glass Protection
13MP F/2.0 Camera Sensor
3600 mAh Battery
2Ghz  8 Core (Octacore) Exynos 28nm Processor
16GB & 32GB Storage

Release Date: September 2013

One of the reasons I purchased a Galaxy S4 was to get a better glimpse on what the Galaxy Note 3 will be like.  Here is my best prediction for the specifications and a mock up for the Samsung Galaxy Note 3.

All images and videos used in this video are originals and produced in house.

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