I have a love and hate relationship with the LED Notification Light on the Samsung Galaxy Note 2.  It's great during the day, but at night, it can get unbearable to deal with.  In the end, I decided to dump the LED Notification Light 9 months after the ownership of the Note 2.  But as it turns out, there was a setting all along that would have made the LED Notification Light fully usable without any annoyances.  It is done through Blocking Mode.  You can basically tell the LED Notification Light to stop blinking at certain hours of the day.  You can set the same for phone calls, notifications and even alarms.  And you can further fine tune how it behaves by setting which users should be ignored for blocking.  One thing that I wish could use an update is that the icon on top should not appear when blocking mode is enabled.  If they changed that, it would truly be perfect.

This video should be fully applicable for Note 3 users as well.

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