Samsung Galaxy Note 3 comes with Action Memo that used to be called Popup Note on the Galaxy Note 2. For me personally, Popup Nnote was and is still my favorite and most useful feature of the Galaxy Note 2. I had been carrying small notepads and small pens in my pockets just for the purpose of taking small notes for myself many times a day. Anyway, the Note 3's Action Memo has gained some really powerful and useful abilities such as quickly being able to edit an existing note. On the Note 3, you can edit notes as well, but it was just too slow to edit an existing note when you wanted to jot a few words down. On the Note 3, it is much faster, which makes it a big deal. It also has a much improved eraser. But what is completely new is that you can take the memo that you've written in the past, and do something with it such as adding it to contacts, calling, or texting the person. Because a lot of the times, you are just jotting someone's name and phone number down. Or you may write down the name of a business or a meeting location, so why not have it do a Google search or look it up on a map? If it is an idea, why note make it a task with a due date. There is something really powerful and exciting about Action Memo. It just makes sense without any fluff.

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