There is a lot of misinformation going around for the Galaxy Note 3.  First, it does not charge faster.  As a matter of fact, it may charge slower than charging with the USB 2.0 cable on a computer.  But the tip today is how to enable USB 3.0 on the Galaxy Note 3.  It is not simple as just connecting the cable.  You have to enable it each time through the notification panel.  But as you can see, the file transfer does happen 2x faster.

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  1. i've seen the benchmarks. it's actually faster than exactly 2x's. Also it DOES charge faster with usb 3.0 cable and a wall charger that supports 3.0 (like the one it ships with) and once it has 1.5-2 amps and not 1 amp. same goes for computers. the pc has to have a usb 3.0 and know that it's pushing 1.5-2 amps. many chargers are 1 amp and you won't get this benefit. one guy went from from 240 mins to 96 mins, thats 4 and a half hours to an hour and a half....for a full charge. Remember the snapdragon note 3 has Quick Charge 2.0 also.

  2. You're exactly right about the faster charging speed, Kiee. Not sure why anyone would distribute information to the contrary. :/

  3. That's what I get on my Note 3. I do all my testing very thoroughly and I always keep my batteries well conditioned. Did you know Samsung includes a few variations of chargers depending on your country and carrier? There are 2.1 amp Samsung chargers with a fixed cable and 2.0 amp chargers with detached usb cables. There are also external chargers with micro usb 3.0 ports, and external chargers with regular micro usb ports. Maybe that's the discrepancy, but honestly, I don't think our numbers would be much different. If you want to make a video, I'll be interested in seeing the times you get. Anyway, thanks for the feedback.

    If you want to do your own test, keep in mind that some people think that their Note 3 charges faster because they don't know that the battery charges from 0-80% much quicker than it does 80-100%. And also, they don't know that just because the notification bar is showing 100%, that it's not actually done charging until you get the charging finished notification. What I measured was a deep cycle charge to real 100%.

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