Let's be honest. S Voice really hasn't been Samsung's best feature. I really couldn't do much with it on the Note 2, and it was pretty much the same on the S4. But S Voice on the Galaxy Note 3 has gotten 3 important updates that make is really useful. One, you can replace that robotic voice to something less unpleasant. That voice was actually one of the main reasons I wasn't using S Voice previously because it was so unbearable. Another thing is that you can say "Hi Galaxy" when the screen is off to turn to call on S Voice. A game changing update in my opinion.. And third S Voice usually didn't read out its answers but now it does. So on the Note 2, you can turn it on in your pocket with the earphone, but you wouldn't know what the answer was. So all these features combined, equals great functionality. I forgot a tip in this video. After you access your phone in your pocket by calling it, you should remember to turn off your screen. And you can do that through the earphone by using 2 apps. Screen off & lock and headset button controller. I highly recommend doing this because if you do not, the capacitive touch screen might be left on because your pocket linings are usually too thin in blocking contact between the screen and your leg.

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