To my astonishment, the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 captures video at 1080p/24p. Exactly 24.11fps. But don't go throw away all your video cameras yet. Even though the Galaxy Note 3 is capable of capturing video at 50mbits/sec 4K file, the 24p video unfortunately is the standard compressed bitrate around 12-15mbit/sec. But at least it's a start, and another great thing is the video is captured in a non contrasty neutral way, with the exception of the reds. This leaves room for some editing. Definitely an exciting feature for some. The Galaxy Note 3 also captures 1080p/60p video that is very smooth. Also, the 4K video doesn't disappoint. A lot of the times, a promised resolution turns out to be scaled up, but the 4K video is really sharp. The slow motion on the other hand is below average for today's standards, but I think if Samsung wants to, they can probably improve it by firmware because the camera is indeed very capable of much higher bitrates.

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