It's nice to see that Samsung doesn't take a back seat to user feedback and attack improvements from multiple angles. Although Samsung Keyboard may have been great on the Note 2, Samsung Keyboard word prediction was still behind SwiftKey. But if you use SwiftKey, Swype or any other keyboard for that matter, it becomes inconvenient to hand-write input. So what I think Samsung has done is first improve Samsung Keyboard's word prediction. I just tested it today and I really think it is up to par with SwiftKey in the word prediction department. Also, if you still plan on using a 3rd party keyboard, then Samsung has provided you a way to still write your handwriting input. Also, it looks like Samsung has integrated the newest Swype feature which is the continuous input without having to lift your finger off the screen by letting you swipe the space bar. Overall great improvements all around when it comes to handwriting and Samsung Keyboard.

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