I finally got Android 4.3 on my Samsung Galaxy Note 2. And at first glance, I didn't see much of an update, but after digging through I found many benefits to having Android 4.3 on the Galaxy Note 2. So I'm introducing a new series temporarily to talk about what's new on Note 2 after the Android 4.3 firmware update.

One thing that I forgot to mention in this video is that once you upgrade, you can't downgrade. And for me, and a lot of others I've seen in the Galaxy Note 2 forums, the upgrade process is a buggy. I was getting many crashes from my apps, but after I reinstalled all the apps that were crashing I see having Android 4.3 a definite upgrade.

In this video, I cover first 3 of many benefits of Android 4.3. One-handed operation, custom lock screen widgets (I recommend Chronus), and the light effect unlock. There are many more videos to come.

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  1. Hi I got the update for my 4.3 but I dont see the use on all screen option on one handed operation. What should I do? Pls email me jbc022707@yahoo.com