When I upgraded my Samsung Galaxy Note 2 to Android 4.3, I was thinking that my troubles were unique, but as I'm reading through a lot of the comments from people who have upgraded, it seems like these problems may be more common than previously thought. At first the problems appear pretty severe with a half dozen force closes when you start your device and additionally when you start some, not all, apps. In most cases though, all the error messages are linked to one problem, corrupt dalvik cache for that particular app, and are easily fixable.

In short, all you need is to reinstall the app. Before you do that though, a reinstall will erase that data, but most app data can be retained if you backed them before you upgraded to Android 4.3. I recommend the free app Helium. You will need a PC to activate the app before you can do backups and restores.

You may see some system apps that also have this problem. Some system apps can be uninstalled by uninstalling the app or turning it off and on. However, some system apps are blocked from an uninstall or disable. In that case, your only option is to do a factory reset. It should be rare, but keep that in mind because there is currently no option to downgrade to 4.1.

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