There are a few hidden surprises that you weren't expecting, and they are all benefits of Android 4.3. The screen of the Galaxy Note 2 now turns off when you plug in a mouse to the Galaxy Smart Dock, which is a welcome improvement because the screen always seemed to stay on and it felt very wasteful. Second, it looks like the accelerometer can now be read when the screen is off, which means that the app Runtastic Pedometer can work without keeping your screen off. Were you thinking of upgrading to the Galaxy Note 3 because of Walking Mate? Well, you might want to try this first. Next, it looks like the Galaxy Note 2 has gained support for 3rd party printers. It was a little too demanding that the Note 2 originally only printed if you had a Samsung printer. However, it looks like support for Epson and HP printers have been added. No sign of Canon or Brother printer drivers, but maybe it may just work. If it doesn't Canon and Brother do provide their own apps in the Google Play store.

Last, and maybe the least, the new Move to SD feature. It may look like Move to SD that you remember from Android 4.0 and earlier, but it is certainly not. It is limited in that it will only move the data in the secure /data/data folder, and will not move the data in the /Android/data or /Android/obb folder. This means that you can on the average move about 50MB of a 2GB game. However, not mentioned in this video, other apps will move, and after moving about 40 apps, you will gain about a gig of space. It is better than nothing.

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