Gameloft Now Supports PS3 Controllers for Flagship Titles 

If you own a Galaxy Note 2, a PS3 controller, and a USB OTG cable, you should know by now that some games work great with the controller. However, the games by Gameloft never worked fully. The controller would be 90% configured except one critical button making it unusable. Well, it looks like Gameloft has had a change of heart. To my surprise, we discovered 5 games that has become fully configured for the PS3 controller.

Supported games:

Asphalt 8
Asphalt 7
Nova 3
Modern Combat 4
GT racing 2 and maybe some newer games that they have recently launched

Tips on Gaming on the Note 2 with the PS3 Controller

First make sure the PlayStation 3 controller is charged. The galaxy note 3 is not powerful enough to charge and and let you play at the same time.  Next, you need a high quality USB cable that transfers data. Try to get a reliable one because it might be the source of all your headaches.  When people have are not able to get their PlayStation 3 controller connected it is most likely that the USB cable is faulty.  Next you need a USB OTG cable these are pretty easy to find but make sure it says USB OTG.  I've seen some micro USB to standard USB female adapters that look exactly like that but they're not USB OTG connectors. So make sure it says USB OTG.

A stand would definitely help for the galaxy note 2 .  An external battery charger for the galaxy note 2 makes an excellent stand for gaming.  

Other Tips

When you plug in your PS3 controller and it will not immediately turn on you need to pass on the P PlayStation button just press and hold on it. When you hit the directional buttons you see see the blue square you can see the button is working however say that you were running a game previously for example asphalt 7 if that game running in the background, it will actually intercept those inputs so will not react with your home screen because it is trying to interact with the game.  One last thing I want to mention about the lights on the PlayStation 3 is that they really have no correlation between anything that's going on the galaxy note 2 and PlayStation 3 controller.  There's no need to pay attention to these lights because sometimes they are on when they're charging, sometimes they are not.  It really is no indication that it is communicating correctly.


I think it is a good move in the right direction for Gameloft.  It seems a little counter-intuitive to use a controller on a smartphone but honestly the sophisticated games are too demanding for smart phones touch screen and even though we now have smart phones that can produce rich 3D graphics, you may still need a controller to enjoy these games

One more interesting bit of info EA has yet to start supporting the PS3 controller on the Android but it seems like they are starting to support MOGA controllers now on games like Need for Speed Most Wanted.  All in all, this is good news for gamers on the Android platform.

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