The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 can record perfect audio, but a few things get in the way of you recording really great audio with it. One, the mic input is proprietary. It is a custom configured TRRS connector. Second, most apps don't know how to disable automatic gain control. But here's one that I found that records wav, 48khz, 16bit called RecForge Lite. I know that some people have mentioned that the gain is too high, but not with the Note 3 and RecForge Lite. You can shout as loudly as you want to at a lower gain, and it won't clip. It does a good job capturing the full range of voice, and it does a good job not rubbing against clothing.

My apologies for the audio samples. While filming this video, I was speaking loudly, but when trying to record audio samples, it was 2AM, and I had to speak softly. If you want me to redo the samples, please let me know in the comments. I just want to reassure people that the Rode SmartLav and the Note 3 is a viable combination for capturing voice for video and other things. The static when recording with any gain can be removed cleanly with the right software like Adobe Audition CC. You will have to remove a captured noiseprint.

Audio Samples Gain +10: https://db.tt/1laAQ8PT
Gain 0: https://db.tt/yTkw8Yir
Gain -10: https://db.tt/BADzVOSA

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