Just when we thought we were done discovering every new feature that came with the Android 4.3 update for the Galaxy Note 2, we found a few more interesting things that came with the update.

Swipe Continuously on Samsung Keyboard

So a while back, we did a video comparing the keyboard of the Galaxy Note 3 to the Galaxy Note 2.  And one thing you couldn't do on the Note 2 keyboard was swipe continuously.  Well, it turns out, now you can after the 4.3 update.  You can type sentences without lifting your finger or stylus off the screen.  Just swipe through the spacebar whenever you need a space in between the words, and just keep swiping along.  One thing that's good about swipe typing is that you can fudge through the letters and it usually does a really good job guessing the words.

I still think that swiping and lifting your finger off the screen is still more economical, but in one handed mode, it does feel more natural.  One tip though.  You shouldn't type too many words consecutively unless you're really good at it.  You might find out that you've messed up on the last word and it's kind of a pain to correct.  When you hit that backspace button, the entire phrase disappears.  So if you need to correct, instead of hitting backspace, hit somewhere inside the phrase to make that underline disappear, then you can start correcting the words.

MP3 ID3 Editor in Stock Music App

If you are looking for an ID3 tag editor for your music files such as mp3 files, you can now edit ID3 tags directly inside the stock music player.  If you have a lot of music files and rely on them to be automatically organized via ID3 tags, this feature will come in handy one day when you're looking to do some quick cleanup of how some music files get organized.

Smart Volume

Inside the music player, there's a new feature called Smart Volume.  It is specifically there to normalize volume differences for your variety of audio tracks that may have been recorded with different levels of volume output.  I'm guessing it is there to assist you during the instances where you have to adjust the volume up or down when you find the audio hard to hear or it's hurting your ears.  That does sound like a nice feature however, during my testing I really couldn't make out any differences.  If you guys know how this feature works, please share the information in the comments below.  Update: It may have to do with limiting the earphone volume for your hearing health.

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