The update from Android 4.3 to 4.4 is a relatively minor one, but nevertheless there are some changes to the Samsung software that Samsung provides for the Galaxy Note 3.

Android 4.4 Update Availability

If you haven't got the Android 4.4 update yet, don't worry.   It is because your carriers are most likely waiting on some important updates to big bugs.  One thing to note is that, VPN seems to be broken.  If you have to connect to a VPN to get your work emails, well, you definitely want to make sure that is working before you update.  The other things I've run into.  It only happens very rarely, but sometimes, it won't let me write to my local or external storage over USB.  After I reboot it though it seems to be fine.  And last, if you were not using a genuine S View cover but a generic one, that won't work at the moment.  Some of these bugs Google needs to fix.  Let's hope they get all that fixed soon and push the updates to everyone.

Update to S Note

After you update, you'll get a popup message saying that it wants to sync with a previous version of S Note.  What I believe it's looking for are S Note files from your Galaxy Note 2 and maybe even the Galaxy Note 1, if you have any of these files.  When you press OK, it will search through your device and your Samsung Account.  And you can choose to import any files that it has found.

When you go to Recent notes from the main screen, you'll notice that you get hover previews for up to the first 6 pages for you S Note files.  At the bottom, you'll see the files you've just imported.  But these won't give you the hover previews.  It is because you have to convert them the first time.  Inside the S Note editor, when you are editing a note, you'll notice a new icon for the Magnified notepad feature.

Have you seen the video where a guy paints Morgan Freeman with his finger on an iPad on YouTube?  He individually drew  each stand of Morgan Freeman's beard with one finger.  Well, I think if he had an S Pen and this feature, it would have been infinitely easier.  You can see a box that will be the area of focus.  You can move it and expand it to focus on the specific area you want.  One last thing about S Note is that is support drag and drop functionality in Multi-Window.  You may also notice the menu's pop up with a little more animation and some minor design changes to labels.

Update to Pen Window

Pen Windows has got a small update.  When you start pen window, you will notice an edit button to edit apps you want to have access to when you are looking to use the feature.  Unfortunately, it does not change what apps are available overall.  But like multi window, I'm sure the list of supported apps will eventually grow.  Speaking of multi window, when you go to edit, you'll notice that the button on the bottom is now gone to find apps in the google play store.

Update to Group Play

You now have more apps listed in the Group Play games.  In the video, we demonstrate the Group Play game Air Hockey.  We'll have some more extensive videos on all these games because they are all kinda different and interesting.  One thing we do want to point out is that these games seem to be only compatible with the Galaxy Note 3 and the Galaxy S4.

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