In part 3 of What's New in Android 4.4 KitKat for the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, we discuss are about a dozen changes to the notification bar and everything contained inside of it including but not limited to settings, and new features inside the settings panels.

Changes to Graphic Elements in the UI

You'll notice that all the notification icons have been changed to shades of gray, and a lot of the app developers have jumped on board as well but you'll still see color icons for a lot of 3rd party apps.  Another thing about the notification bar.  When an app is in full screen and you pull down the notification bar, it will now be transparent until you react with it.  If we pull that down, you should be able to see this notification bar has changed color and the clear button has a flat look to it.  The font for the notifications text also seems to be much thinner.

One interesting thing about this brightness control bar.  Now, inside apps that let you control the brightness within the app, when you bring down the notification panel, the volume lever is not shown.  If you go out of such apps, the brightness lever comes back.

When you have multiple items to open for an action, your last selection is highlighted to quickly guide you with your decision.  Here's something I never knew before.  You can even long tap on the selection and choose to uninstall the app from here if you no longer need that app.  A nice touch that I noticed since the update.

There's now a popup message when you unplug earphones...which I felt was unnecessary.  You can also see that the default template for popup messages is rounded rectangle.  In my opinion, this rounded rectangle and font choice really looks out of place.

Other Changes

The Note 3 now vibrates briefly when it's done starting up.  This change definitely complements how the devices vibrate when they are done shutting down.

In the settings, when you go to "more networks", you can change the default SMS text message app here.  You also have options to disable or enable the print services that came with your note 3.  You might as well turn these off if you don't plan on printing on your mobile device.

The GPS settings are much more defined.  You can choose whether to use the GPS sensor which does take a lot of battery, or if you would rather just provide your phone with GPS information based on your network or wifi location.  That should be fine for when you don't need pin-point accuracy by the second.  You can also choose which apps have access to your gps location here as well.

NFC Card Mode

There's a new option in the NFC toggle button called NFC card mode.  Unfortunately, I haven't figured out what this is or how this works.  And it's different from the tap and pay feature, which I believe is also new.  The tap and pay feature can be enabled if you have the google wallet app installed and configured.  I'll try to do an extended video on these features if I can figure out what this does.

New Process Stats List

Next, here is a really valuable feature in my opinion.  Inside developer options, you will see the new process stats list.  It is different from battery stats which doesn't seem to list much of anything anymore.  Much better information is now provided in the processes stats.  It shows what process is running actively for the duration of the time your phone has been on.

If you can't see process stats because you don't see developer options, you just need to go to about device and tap on the build number a few times.

Android 4.4.2 Easter Egg

While inside the Settings -> About Device, click on the Android version about 5 times.  Then you get this rotating K.  You can long tap on that, and get the Android 4.4 KitKat logo.  And you can long tap on that and you get this animated screen saver that you can interact with.  It feels like a game, but it's not.  I wouldn't be surprised if there's another easter egg in here though, but no one has found anything yet.

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