New S Note is not a S Note Replacement for the Note 2 

If you try to use this app, it will quickly reveal that this app works totally differently than the S Note that you're used to.  So in this video, I'll explain what this app is intended for, and why it is an addition to your Note 2, and not a replacement to S Note.

What the New S Note Is and Isn't 

So the New S Note is almost an identical copy to what's present on the Note 3.  But to clearly understand how the new S Note is different, you have to look at how S Note evolved on the Note 3.  On the Note 3, the functions of S Note that existed on the Note 2 branched off into 2 separate applications.  Action Memo and S Note.  Action Memo is purely for note taking and doing something with information written on the note.  It is an upgrade to the popup note function, but it comes with it's own popup note reader and editor.  S Note just never comes into the equation.  And on the Note 3, S Note is purely for creating drawings or sketches with sophisticated tools.

Looking back on the older S Note app, which will still be present and work the same after you install the New S Note, you will see that it was made to handle both the functions of creating drawings and sketches as well as being an editor and manager of your popup notes.  Since it seems less likely that Action Memo will arrive on the Note 2, this is how you should use both the older and newer S Note from now on.  For popup note editing and managing, you should still use the older S Note.  For creating sketches you should use the newer S Note.  Sure the newer S Note can be used with popup note, but that's not what the new S Note app was designed for, and it will only add unnecessary steps to your note management, and there will be some compromises to deal with as well.

New S Note's New Features

When you open it for the first time, you will get a nice video intro, and you choose the type of cover that you like, choose to import any S Note files from you older S Note.  A new feature that people may find to have a lot of value is the new eraser mode.  For example, when you have multiple overlapping lines, and just want to erase a single stroke, you can do that and it really is a wonderful feature.

As for other features, there are some additional features to add YouTube videos and capture videos directly onto the S Note, which are cool but pretty minor.  If you're curious what's on the Galaxy Note 3's S Note that isn't on the Galaxy Note 2's S New Note, there are 3 things.  The graph and charting features, the isolated editing box, and the ability to to add items from scrapbook.

How To Import PDF's with New S Note

A common question that comes up a lot seems to be can you still import PDF's?  Yes.  You can do that by going to Recent notes, menu, my files, PDF file.  Another question is can I create an event in S Planner with an S Note?  And another question I've seen a few times is, can you access wolfram alpha through the new S Note.  And the answer for both questions are no. you will have to use the old S Note to do that.

So that's the thorough rundown on what the new S Note brings to your Note 2.  It isn't an update by any means.  It's a new application that replaces some of the functionality of parts of the older S Note which some people may find more valuable than others.

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  1. where and how to download new s note for note 2? I dont see it in google play store or samsung app store.