App Review: Floating Window Shortcuts

App Link: Floating Window Shortcuts

Here’s a trick to get any app that is inside the multi window tray and get it to pop up in Pen window.  Unlike the app we looked at the last episode that did something similar, this trick will work on even stock and system apps.  It does not require any modification or reinstall of the app.  And this works without needing a rooted device.

Very Few Apps Available In Pen Window

You will notice that there aren’t many Pen window compatible apps to choose from.  There are just a few stock and Google apps to available in Pen Window.  Even S Note, S Planner, My Files, E-Mail, etc. are all missing from this list.  However, there many more apps, and 3rd party apps, that are multi-window compatible, and we can get any of these apps to work inside pen window.

Free Method

Install the free app, Floating Window Shortcuts.  After you install Floating Window Shortcuts, launch it.  Hit the Create Shortcut button.  Select Choose App, and pick the Play Store.  This will create a shortcut to the Play Store that works inside of Pen Window.  Once you have that open, you can find the app you want to launch by going to My Apps or you can search for it.  Just make sure it is multi window compatible.  It may seem like you can only do this with one app at a time, but in the video I demonstrate you can do this with as many apps you want by showing that you can run Twitter, Chrome, and Facebook inside their floating windows running at the same time.  If you want to minimize all, push the Home button for a cool effect.

You will see that Samsung stock apps are not directly accessible through Google Play.  So here’s a work around.  You will need to install an app called APK Backup.  You will not be backing up any apps with it, however, it is a multi window compatible app that can launch system apps through it.

After the install, open the APK Backup app inside Pen Window.  Go to settings and make sure Show System Apps is enabled.  And now, combining the trick above, you can launch S Note, S Planner, and E-Mail inside Pen Window and have it running at the same time.

Paid Method With Purchase of Pro License

App Link: Floating Window Pro Key

Steps abo The steps above do require a couple of steps which isn’t terrible after you get used to it.  There is a more convenient method if you don’t mind purchasing a pro license key for about $2.  You can just create shortcuts for the apps directly, and you can launch them with the shortcuts that you create.  If you think you can benefit from multi tasking with a particular app, you can try and use it with the free method.  If you find yourself using it often, maybe it’s worth investing in the pro license.

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