Update May 3, 2014: The update is now available in India through Samsung Kies.

There were a lot of rumors over the last few weeks about the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 receiving the Android 4.4 KitKat update.  Well, it has become official.  The carriers have begun rolling out Android 4.4.2 on the Galaxy Note 2.  The first one to receive it so far is a French carrier.  It will be delivered by Samsung Kies.  Although some carriers will choose to provide the update OTA (Over-The-Air).

ETA for Android 4.4 on Galaxy Note 2

When is Android 4.4 arriving on the Galaxy Note 2?  Samsung initially rolls out firmware update slowly to avoid unnecessary warranty repairs due to catastrophic bugs in the firmware.  After no major bugs are discovered, expect the carriers that use the base model GT-N7100 to release the firmware soon after that.

The trend has been that the international models will get it first along with US Cellular and Sprint.  Then expect the AT&T and T-Mobile a few weeks later.  And as usually, Verizon will likely push their updates a few months after that.

Ongoing Issues With Android 4.4.2

A major change on Android 4.4 that has affected many users is the removal of the ability for apps to write to any location on the internal or external storage.  This new restriction is enforced by a single entry in an xml file in the system which a lot of rooted users have since edited, but it is not how Google wants the problem addressed.  Google wants the app developers to only store additional data for their designated locations.

App developers should find that apps still can write to both internal and external storage, as long as the apps save the data on the designated location for that app.  This is a drastic but necessary step to remove the orphaned files and directories from taking up precious space after the app has been uninstalled.

One last thing worth mentioning is involving VPN.  There are still reports of unreliable VPN connectivity for the current users of Android 4.4.2.  It has improved after many subsequent updates, but it is still not as stable as we found it on Android 4.3.  Let’s hope the latest bug fixes find their way onto the Android 4.4 update on the Galaxy Note 2.

What’s New in Android 4.4.2 for Galaxy Note 2?

  • TouchWiz: Gray notifications icons for most apps
  • TouchWiz: Flat notification panel theme
  • TouchWiz: Haptic feedback after the device has finished booting
  • Changes to advanced Wi-Fi settings
  • Ability to designate an alternate app for SMS text messages
  • Process Stats in developer options.
  • Built-in screen recording
  • NFC payment framework (for Google Wallet and others)
  • Smoother UI transitions
  • Significantly less memory use
  • New Lockscreen Music Widget
  • Lockscreen Camera Access
  • One Handed Operation Use For All Screens
  • GPS Settings Toggle Replaced With Location Settings
As done previously with Android 4.3 on the Note 2 and Android 4.4 on the Note 3, stay tuned for thorough video coverage of all the changes related to Android 4.4 for the Galaxy Note 2 on TheDailyNote.Net!

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  1. great article Micheal .. i have always followed ur updates in YouTube ..

    my note 2 (India) just got updated to 4.4.. i cant find camera access on lock-screen ..and one-handed operation for all apps ...

    in fact i didn't find the one-handed operation when my phone got updated to 4.3...

    are the Indian version of updates missing these features?

  2. Imran, it is up to the carriers to pick and choose what features they want to push out. If they see it as not to their benefit for including one-handed-operation, they will choose not to include this update.

    As for the lockscreen camera, you have to disable security, remove all your vpn connections (if any), and enable swipe unlock to get that feature. If you still didn't get that feature, an alternative would be to download the Nexus Camera Widget that would give you similar functionality (similar to how the camera is accessed through the galaxy note 3) from the lock screen.

  3. I hope the audio is stabilized from 4 3. Since that update, there has been skipping, especially with Bluetooth. Also, I hope for WiFi improvement.

    It won't be long before the Note 4, but til then, improvements would be nice..

    Fingers crossed. :D

    Thank you for your solid info!

  4. recently upgrade my Note 2 N7100 to Android 4.4 through OTA, result a very bad update, 3rd party app is 100% CANNOT write on Sdcard even after 3rd party app developer update their app to work on Android 4.4! i also own Galaxy Note 3 N9005 with Android 4.4, majority of my 3rd party file manager, my QuickPic photo gallery is working fine on my Note 3 (delete file/folder, move file, cut&paste, create file/folder except rename file/folder and move a folder) but not it's working on my Note 2 at all. this really make me mad since i have atleast 10,000 pictures on each device to organize everyday which i can't do on stock file manager and picture gallery because they sucks and slow.

    Michael Ma, i suggest you to try "QuickPic" photo gallery, the best photo gallery i ever use and have a good feedback, no ads and totally free, lot of feature which you can choose what folder to appear to gallery or you can hide the folder with this app (this app put a .nomedia file on folder you hide) and the folder is invisible to all other gallery you install, if you want view a hidden folder just hit menu button and hit "show hidden" which you can set a passcode to it. and it also work with NFC beam and lot of features. gave a try.