The newly released Galaxy S5 comes with a feature called Toolbox.  It’s a free floating dot you can enable.  When you touch on it, you can access shortcuts to your apps.  If you would like a similar feature on your Galaxy Note or any Android, there’s an app called Toucher Pro and it’s free.

Toucher Pro (Free)

Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.gau.go.toucherpro
When you install it, you will see there’s a translucent dot floating on your screen.  You can move it around and even throw the dot around.  It will float to the closest edge.  You can tap on it to access shortcuts like the Toolbox feature to setting toggles, weather forecasts, and some tools like the flashlight.

Other Touch Gestures

If you want to remove it temporarily you can long tap on it to remove it temporarily from view.  It can be accessed again in the notification panel.  You can double tap on it to access your recent apps.

Remove Persistent Notification

You will notice however it does have the tendency to clutter the notification panel.  You can disable  at least one of these things by going to Touch Pro's settings, and disabling "Stay in notification".  It says that it may occasionally stop running but it shouldn't be much of an issue on the note 3 because of the 3 gigs of ram.


In the settings you can change how the button looks.  You can set the size and transparency.  Or change the skin of the button completely. Another surprise from this app is that you can change the theme, and the app completely changes how it works.

Toucher Prime (Paid)

There is a paid version as well that lets you access this menu by swipe if that’s what you’re looking to do.  Apps like these definitely add variety to how you use your device.  It may even make your time with your device more productive.  If you find a good theme that you think will be useful to other people, make sure you share that in the comments.

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