This video is part 4 of what’s new in Android 4.4 for the Samsung Galaxy Note 3. New Music Player Lock Screen Widget When you update your Note 3, there will be an updated lock screen music widget that only appears when you are playing music and you turn your screen off and on. There are some differences to what you had before. You no can no longer select tracks on a list, but you can do this. If you long tap on the widget, you will get a bar to jump to a part of a track. Long tap on it again and it will disappear.

It may not be that necessary for music, but it will be great for long podcasts. Along with the new buttons, if there is an album cover attached to the music file, you will see it as the background.

One thing I do want to mention is that if you are running an app called Headset Button Controller, it seems to conflict with this widget. The music widget doesn’t show up when the earphones are plugged in, so in the meantime, if you like controlling the music through the lockscreen, you should uninstall the headset button controller app.

Translate in Stock E-Mail App (S Translator Integration)

Next, this may be a feature that’s always been there but in the stock Email app, there is a new feature to translate when you hit the menu button. So when you get an email in a foreign language, you can translate the email, and it will open up the translation in the S Translator app, as long as both languages are supported.

3 More Wallpapers

Next, you will see there are 3 additional wallpapers that come with Touchwiz. There were only 4 wallpapers that came with the Galaxy Note 3. Now there are 7.

Video Player (MultiWindow Compatibility Is Back)

Another update that seems to be new is that the video player now works again in multi window. Great for watching movies and surfing the Internet, even when you’re on the go. Probably the only phone you can do this with is the Galaxy Note phones because of the screen space.

Changes To Advanced Wi-Fi Settings

Next, if you use your Galaxy Note 3 to connect to your dedicated camera like the GoPro or maybe your DSLR with wifi remote capabilities, you will notice that by default, it will not stay connected to your GoPro network because it will detect that your Wi-Fi connection does not have an Internet connection. To make sure it stays connected to the your camera’s Wi-Fi connection, go to your advanced Wi-Fi settings and remove the check for Disable Auto Network Switch. Now it should just stick to the network even if that access point does not have an internet connection.

New Popping Sound When Hovering Folders in TouchWiz

One very last thing. In TouchWiz, if you hover over the folders with the S Pen, you can see what’s inside of it. This was something you were always able to do, but now you get a popping for a little extra feedback.

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So that’s it for all the changes we’ve noticed so far for Android 4.4 on the Samsung Galaxy Note 3. With the exception of a few carriers that are always late to the party, most people should have the Android 4.4.2 update now for the Samsung Galaxy Note 3. Some carriers like to do updates only over the air, so make sure you check in your settings as well.

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