AirDroid Updated 

In this video, we revisit the app AirDroid, because it has gained a couple of really cool features. Especially a feature that let’s you stream the camera to your computer, even away from home. It’s a feature that I haven’t seen on any other app, and for some, it will be an incredible feature to use on your older Android devices.

I did a video on it a while back displaying it’s awesome ability to, from your computer, stream music, videos, photos, download files, backup apps, make phone calls, and send and receive text from your android. They are all great and useful features. Since then, it has gained some powerful and useful features. The most unique feature is the ability to stream from your camera of your android device. You can see you can pick either the front or rear facing camera. You can enable flash. Take stills and either save it to your desktop or your device.

Uses for Android as a Remote Streaming Camera

The application for this is really limited by your imagination. If you have a spare Android laying around, you can make it an excellent baby monitor, pet monitor, or even a security camera.

As mentioned, this feature will work remotely when your phone and computer are on different networks such as when you are away from home, but it does require a premium account, which is about $2 a month. That’s actually not a bad price for this feature. Everything else is free. If you have a wifi router that has VPN functionality though, you can probably even avoid that monthly cost.

Let’s look at some of the other new features. When you first install AirDroid, you will get a few prompts about enabling a feature that helps you locate the device if you lose it, or for times when you have a problem finding it inside your house. It’s a really good feature to have but it’s pretty much the same feature that Google offers through the Google Play store called Android Device manager that may already be on your device. If you already have Android Device manager enabled, you probably don’t need to enable this feature on AirDroid, but it’s just another one of it’s impressive features.

New Toolbox Feature

The new toolbox feature. You can drag a file into the browser from your computer, into this box, and then the file will be inside your device. If you want to send a web address to your device, you can type it in or past it into this box, and it will open you’re your browser. The clipboard feature comes in handy when having to type long complicated passwords. And for apps, you can drag apk files and install apps that way if that’s the way you like backing up and installing apps. One thing I do want to point out is that, even though you exit the app, although it no longer indicates that AirDroid is running, you can still connect to it if you have connected to it in the past. It’s a great convenient feature but it’s also something you should keep in mind as in terms of your data security.

So that’s AirDroid. Just when you think the app is already full featured and comprehensive, it continues to amaze you with new awesome features.

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