In part 1 of the article "Will the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 have a 64 bit processor?" we discussed the myths of the 64-bit processors being faster than 32-bit processors and how Apple’s has switched to a 64-bit iPhone 5S many years before it will become necessary.

So Why Did Apple Switch to 64-Bit So Early?

What Apple has managed to achieve is establish a solid foundation for the future.  Even though Apple does not believe that more than 1GB of RAM on a smartphone is necessary today, they firmly believe that 4 or more gigabytes of RAM will be a requirement in the future.  All their new apps from here on out will be written and compiled with the optional 64-bit processing in mind.  The sooner the developers embrace 64-bit processing, the more efficient the apps will run.  That sounds all well and good, but we think there is a better reason.

The Real Reason Behind iPhone 5S’s 64-Bit Processor and Only 1GB RAM

The real reason however is the bragging rights and the marketability of a 64-bit processor.  Apple does a great job maximizing the iPhone 5S’s performance with only 1GB of RAM but they also know that a 64-bit processor is a desirable feature that they can deliver easier than their competitors, Google Android, who will have a hard time transitioning to 64-bit.

In the last decade, 64-bit processors in computers have become synonymous with a feature that they require when purchasing the next PC.  No one should or could probably buy a computer with a 32-bit processor today.  The general public misconception today seems to be that you should buy a smartphone with a 64-bit processor to be future proof, and never mind the fact that it doesn't come with enough RAM to take any real advantage of it.  Case in point, when the Samsung Galaxy S5 was announced, a lot of people were disappointed that it did not come with a 64-bit processor.

Does It Make Sense For Android To Switch To 64-Bit?

It is an entirely different case for the Samsung Galaxy Note 4.  The Note 3 was the first to have 3GB of RAM, and if Samsung wants to out-do itself and offer performance and spec advantages over their previous models and Samsung's competitors, a 64-bit processor is required to deliver a Samsung Galaxy Note 4 with 4GB of RAM.

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