Thank you to Richard T. who recommended the app Gravity Screen.

Gravity Screen Review

App Link: Gravity Screen - On/Off

It’s a unique app that you can configure to turn your screen on and off when you pick up your device, or put it in your pocket.  It can be very useful with some changes to default settings.

Special Instructions For Easy Install

Unlike majority of the apps found inside the Google Play store, after you install it, you’ll have to activate it.  It's easy.  Just follow the prompts.  It requires an extra system permission to lock your screen, so you’ll have to do this.  You'll also get a message says here is that if you decide to uninstall the app, make sure you do it by uninstalling through the app by scrolling to the bottom.  Please keep this in mind if you do want to uninstall this app in the future.

Recommended Settings (Important)

We here at The Daily Note believe the default configurations are not going to work for the majority.  We strongly recommend that you enable the Lying Face Up option and disable the Keep Screen ON by Motion option.   And the one additional one after you expand “MORE SETTINGS…” Make sure to Enable Headphone support.

Turn Screen On/Off Without Using The Power Button

After the changes to the settings, when you pick up the device when the screen is off, the screen turns on without me having to push any buttons.  And when you put the phone down on a flat surface, the screen turns off after about a second.  Next, if you put the phone inside your pocket upside down, the screen immediately shuts off.  It works by using the proximity sensor as well as the gyro sensor.  You will notice however, if you have the phone right side up in your pocket, it will not switch the screen off.  However, if you have earphones plugged in, and when you place the phone in your pocket right side up, the screen now turns off.

Recommended Settings Explained

With the default settings, the app works by expecting you to put the phone face down to turn off the screen automatically.  However, we imagine most users would prefer to put their phones down face up for fears of scratching their screens, or maybe they get a lot of use out of quickly checking the time or notifications.  So that’s we recommend enabling the Lying Face Up option.

As for the setting to Keep Screen ON by Motion setting, we found that for some reason, this app thinks that the Galaxy Note 3 is always in motion even though it’s on the table.  And without disabling this, the screen never turns off, which can potentially be very unhealthy for the screen.  So definitely make sure you disable this option before you use this app.

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