FingerSense by Qeexo 

Here's a fascinating video demonstrating FingerSense technology by Qeexo. This could change how all touchscreens will work on all smartphones and tablets from now on.

Could "Rich Touch" Be the Future of Android, Galaxy Note 4, and even the iPhone?

FingerSense can distinguish between a finger, knuckle, finger-nail, along with other touch devices such as a stylus tip and eraser. Being able to offer different types of inputs with readily available input sources may drastically improve the way we interact with our devices today. Currently, we are limited in the way we can directly interact with objects on screen without having to bring up a context menu or enabling the object for an alternate interaction. FingerSense can finally break that barrier. This is what Qeexo believes will be the next evolution of Multi-touch which they are calling "Rich Touch".

How Does It Work?

It distinguishes the different types of input by listening to the sound of the contact that is made between the finger and the touchscreen. It may seem like something that may be prone to many false positives, however, try placing an ear on the back of a phone as you touch it in different ways. The sounds are very distinct. With the right sensor and processing technology, FingerSense may be the next step in the evolution of smartphones.

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