This is Part 3 of a multi-part video series on What's New in Android 4.4 for the Samsung Galaxy Note 2.

Location Toggle vs GPS Toggle

GPS icon that is now the Location icon.  The reason for this change is to mostly save you battery without turning off your location completely.  For example, apps like Google Now works better if it knew of your general location.  It doesn't necessarily need your exact location updated every few seconds.  But if it knew you were in a general area Google Now can do a lot with that information.  And with this update, your general location information can now be acquired using your network information without the cost of using any battery

How to Enable Power Saving Mode for Location Services

When you turn on your Location from the notification panel, your gps antenna will enable by default.  But you can long tap on the Location icon, then switch it over to Power saving mode.  Now you can benefit from having some location services without using your battery.

Process Stats

This is a new reporting tool for your background services.  It can be accessed by going inside Developer options.  This feature sheds the light on the apps that have processes that run in the background, even if you’re not interacting with the app directly.  It gives you a sense of how hard it works in the background, meaning how much battery it’s probably using.  The percentage indicates is how active the background process is.  The blue bar is an indicator of the load of the process in the memory.  Without getting into too much detail, the smaller the blue bar, the better.  If you see an app that's heavy when it comes to background processing needs, you can decide whether if the app is worth keeping for the sake of better battery life.  If you do not see Developer Options you will need to enable it.

How to Enable Developer Options + Easter Egg

Go to About device.  And click on the Build number a 5-7 times.  While you're in "About device" you can check out the easter egg by clicking on the Android version a few times.  You'll see a large bold K with a dark transparent background.  You can make the "K" rotate in different direction.  If you long tap on it you will get the Android logo.  Long tap on it again, and you get these tiles you can interact with.  The tiles don't do anything special other than spin into different positions and sizes.

Up Next, Part 4

This is just part 3 of What's New in Android 4.4 for the Samsung Galaxy Note 2.  Make sure to check out part 1 and part 2 if you haven't already.  Please check out part 3 as it becomes available.

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  1. Has the antenna been improved on this model? did not seem to be as good on the last model. Fingers crossed i get better Aerial