Here's a hot tip making it's rounds across the Internet.

S Pen Works Remarkably Well as a Kickstand

Thanks to a reddit user (dr_f***), it turns out you can insert the rear of the S Pen sideways into the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and end up with a pretty usable kickstand.  It goes to show that 9 months in with the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, it is still full of surprises.  However it is not sturdy enough for you to use the touchscreen.  It works only well for viewing.
Source: http://goo.gl/InqsQe

Use a Ballpoint Pen and a Flip Cover

Another hack to prop up the Note 3 is to use a standard ballpoint pen after turning over the flap on a flip cover completely.  It is more sturdy and the touch screen can be used gently.  But be careful when doing this for long or even short periods with flip cover cases made with stretchy material.  Your flap may never close the same way again if it's not made with a resilient material.

Use a Mousepad and a Flip Cover

The last hack to prop the Note 3 is to use an old mousepad and a flip cover.  Just flip the flap over nearly all the way, and let the note 3 sit horizontally and propped up by its own flap.  The mosepad adds friction to hold it in place.  Out of the 3 solutions, this offers the most stable and least amount of chance of wear on your Note 3 or flip covers.  And it should be stable enough to comfortably use the touchscreen without worrying that it's going to fall over or stretch out the flap.

The Winner?

The one that is probably going to get the most use is surprisingly the S Pen kickstand.  It is because majority of the people still carry their devices without a flip cover.  As unstable as it is when you try to use the touchscreen it still could benefit from a kickstand .  Samsung is really quick to pick up on these ideas that hit the Internet.  Maybe we'll see a kickstand stylus on the Samsung Galaxy Note 4?

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