Here is everything you may have wondered about the TV antenna on select models of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 (and all Samsung Galaxy devices sold in Korea). They all come with a TV antenna.

Small But Sturdy Design

The antenna is surprisingly sturdy, despite the thinness.  The last leg of the antenna however is very flexible.  There is a sensor inside the antenna compartment that detects when the antenna is out. Then the antenna is extended, it will launch the TV app called "DMB".

Built-in DVR Features

The TV app is full-featured. It comes with features like the floating-popup feature.  It even has a DVR features that works surprisingly well.  In Korea there are currently 14 TV channels and 5 music channels for the free broadcast service.  It is different from regular broadcast TV which still exists in Korea today, although it will likely be phased out eventually.  Just like anywhere else in the world, if you want premium TV programming, you have to subscribe to cable, satellite, or a paid Internet TV service.

Higher Definition with Smart DMB

The resolution, which is 240p, is substandard for today's standards, however the TV networks have rolled out an app called Smart DMB which improves the signal video resolution to 480p for channels that support the new standard.  The Smart DMB app, which supports the new HD standard, comes with an impressive channel guide and other interesting features such as chat with screen-capture.

The Outlook for T-DMB

The technology being used is called T-DMB. T-DMB was developed in Korea, and it is still being adopted around the world today.   Many beta programs are in progress. However, considering how fast data speeds are and how the carriers want to offer HD streaming of premium channels (for a fee), the future of this technology is uncertain.  Every single Samsung Galaxy phone sold in Korea, from the original S to the S4, comes with a TV antennas.  Maybe not surpsingly, the S5 is the first Samsung Galaxy phone to come our without one.  It is still able to pick up the free T-DMB broadcast by using the wire of the earphone plugged in as a removable antenna.

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